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The stock setup on my sled has a yellow/green primary w/53gm weights and a red/white secondary spring w/ 55/53helix. I have shimmed the clutch (removed .060 washer behind the spider replace with .030 washer) Installed 54gm acrtic cat weights and cut the heals so they don''t set right on the rollers. A friend gave me a 60/55 helix to use. I removed the coupler blocks for better tracktion. The set up works pretty good. Engagement is about 4700rpms, and the secondary spring is in the 4th hole. NOW... My question is would i be better off keeping a stock helix angle on the sled meaning the 53 degree part. I was looking into a 57/53 helix or possiblly a 58/53. I can go as high as 60/53 or 62/53. I was told to keep the stock lower angle for trail riding. I am not a clutch expert by any means. I am trying to get a 4500-5000rpm engagement which i have. Upshift and back shift are pretty good. What will the helixes i''m looking at do to change that? Also should i change any of the springs? Any help would be great. The sled is a 2002 ZR 600 EFI.
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