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Help my zr580

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I have a zr 580 and am getting eatin alive by 440fans.  The sled has 5600 miles on,  I seem to be mechanically fine but what do you check?  I m new too snowmobling.  help :angry:
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Like kevin800 said i would check the clutches i've heard that these clutches don'tlast the longest. Are the carberators adjusted right? Also what condition are your bearings in if their bad they can cause alot of drag.
Clutches on these are due for a rebuild around 4,000 miles, if not a little before 4,000 miles.  Check the compression.  The throttle is the lever on the right.

If you hate your sled so much why don't you get rid of it?
Had a '95ZR580 i really liked.  At 3900miles she begged for new rings (compression only 93#).  After re-ringing and honed cylinders, she was in the 120's and much much stronger. This sled had tremendous mid and top, but lacked good hole shot.  Had i not sold it, i would have rebuilt the clutch and pursued a clutch kit.  I had a '97 primary, since the '95 was known to break apart.  Even w/o clutching  and rering this sled ran dead even with a 98ZL500.  

Sounds like you need to spend some quality money.
If your zr uses the Comet clutch you need to go through it every 1200 to 1500 miles! No question. You can go more but your will definately wear out the spider. I know from experience. Take my 94 EXT EFI out west every year and change weights twice a year with new pin kits. I still hadnt had the rollers and spider serviced. Now with 3000 miles I had it serviced and the spider was shot. Dealer said definitely 1200 to 1500 miles should check the rollers for optimal performance. If yours has never been serviced do it now and you will get a big surprise! Good Luck!
I thought it was normal for zr 580s to get spanked by 440 fans,LOL
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Well boys,  I just so happened to get her running.  Was a carb problem.   I ended up puilling a JED from Slednecks!  Needless to say the zr is no longer with me.  Looks like I'm gonna get outta snowmobiling due to lack of snow & sled.  I'll still be around.  Maybe if I find a deal I'll be back.  Till next time.......
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to get on the cat site using a handle like that and ask for assistance ? i don't know.
It's definitely junk now eh?
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I have a 95 Zr580, and I have had it in the 3 digits. up to last year anyway. It sounds as if you need a rebuild job. Do your self a favor and replace those crank seals. it took me a year of screwing with my machine and that is all it was. To really hook it up. I ported my cylinder ports, intake and exhaust, through some forged pistons in, took .010" off the head, replace the stock 40mm carbs with new 44mm, new nine tower primary and filled it with an EPI clutch kit, And yes I can hang with the basic single pipe 700's @ least the polaris and the V-max 700. off the line they are no problem
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