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Help no spark

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i have a 99 zrt has no spark i bypassed all the switches and changed cdi and coils , also right before this happened i had no power on top end, could this problem be the stator i also noticed head light does comes on when you pull cord i don't know if this matters
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Yeah it does sound like you have a problem in the stator if you unplug the engine from the sled and use a multi meter to check for resistance first and then check for voltage while someone else pulls the motor over you can determine if you are putting out anything. you don't have to know a lot about multi meters to do this god knows I don't but a 6 or 7 dollar meter that you get at the hardware store has rudimentary instructions and you can tell if there is a problem or not. you can usually check with a friendly dealer to find out which wires should do what as far as resistance levels and voltage output.
hope this helps
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oh yeah did you check the connection coming off the engine first?
I always like to use a little dielectric grease on all my plug type connections every year it takes about ten minutes to apply and prevents corrossion and other problems in the plug connection
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It sounds like a bad stator.  Unplug your wires coming out of the motor and check the charge coils of the stator.  For the primary coil the positive lead goes to the green wire and negative goes to the white wire.  It should be 480 ohms plus or minus 20%.  The secondary chage coil is the green and black wires and should be 25.7 ohms plus or minus 20%. These are the numbers for a '95-'97 stator.  They changed the plugs in '98 but the values are the same and I believe the wires are the same colors.
You've gotten good info so far. I would add, since you mentioned lights, that it would appear that your lighting coil is fine since your lights "light" when the starter is pulled. The lighting coil, however, has nothing to do with the ignition and vice versa so getting light doesn't tell anything in regard to the engine being able to run or not.
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