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Im gonna race on SAt this weekend.  The track is a 2-3 miole course set up on ice with tight turns and some small bumps if we have snow?  I need help setting it up.  First off i'm gonna run 10" 60* carbides,  with 168 woodys 60* gold diggers.  I chained the rear suspension very low too lower my CG.  Doing that pulled my acm nut way down?  Is that good or bad?  I tightened up my limiter straps pretty tight for good ski pressure.  I plan on straping the front shocks down also.  Any help appreciated.  BTW,  mxz7,  I'm racing in Neosho on Sat.  Be there or be square....hehe
  Does what I got going sound good so far?
?  thanks  nickgee
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