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Would someone help me to understand what effect the different angles on the helix bring to the party. If I have a straight 55 in now and I install a 55/53 or 55/52 in the sled what would this do? When do you need the double helix and when do you stay with the single angle? What happens when you increase or decrease the angle on the single helix? How do you know when you have gone too far? Where can I find a book or artical on this subject?Thanks for the help.

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the steeper thw angle the faster the clutch will up shift increasing the angle by going steeper(higher no.) will load the motor faster by causing it to up shift faster but if you go to steep the motor will bog when you hit the deep snow as it willnot back shift as fast as the lower angle.If you go to a multi angle helix you can mack it pull harder out of the hole and still keep good backshift when you hit the deep stuf or when you go into a corner. Usually you start with an angle greater than stock that has a finish angle the same as stock ie a 58/55 60/55 but don't use the secondary to control rpms this should be taken care of by the weights in the primary.For proper clutch eficency remember helix to control up shift and back shift and clutch weights to control rpms.clutch eficientcy = hp to the track=more power.
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