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okay here it is:

i have a 96 Zr 580 EFI the primary clutch is a new 9-post style with a yellow/green spring with 51.5 gram notched weights and the secondary is stock with the 51 degree helix the problem is that under hard acceleration the sled severaly over-revvs.  it revs about 8600 rpm till about 50 mph then it drops down to about 8000-8100 very quickly.  the belt is brand new both the clutches have been gone through and are clean i dont know what else i can do i am pretty sure that my belt is not slipping because i tried a softer compound belt and it didn't affect my operating rpm's at all i dont know if i should throw some more weight in the primary or what

what will changing from a 51 to a 53 degree helix do for me?

any help will be appreciated (especially since my dealer doesn't know crap about these sleds)
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