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Hi all!

I just picked up an old Skidoo and am looking for more info on it so I can get it running again.  For one thing, I'm not exactly sure of the year.  The guy I bought it from says it's a 1973.  There is a plate on the left rear that has the patent numbers on it, and it says 1973, but on the right rear, there is another plate that is stamped with 1979.  The sled is yellow and has "SS" decals on the sides.  It was made in Quebec, CA.  There are air scops on the top of the cowl along the right side.  The engine is a twin with two Mikuni carbs.  The serial number is 3155 00826.  ANy help would be appreciated!  Thanks
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From the limited info, I would guess it's a 1980 Citation SS.  It has a 377 with twin carbs.  Does it have oil injection?  What color is the hood?  If it's yellow w/ a black stripe to the left of the headlight, it's likely the Citation SS.
It could possibly be an OLYMPIQUE model.  With the 300cc twin or 399cc twin maybe.
With the serial # and Ski-Doo's CD you can tell what it is. Is the engine liquid or air cooled? Ski-Doo's RV250 also sounds like a possibility for '73/74 year. On the eng above the starter cup there should be a tag with engine serial# and cc size. What does it say?
Zog is right the first 4 numbers of the serial number is the model number.  The 3155 goes to the 80 Citation SS.  The 826 is the sled production number or ID number.
The R/V 250 was only made in 76
Thanks for the info.  I believe it is a 1980 Citation SS, judging from the responses here and from an email I got from Bombardier.  Now I just need to find some parts... hood, windshield, track, etc...  Thanks again.
spectrex: The 80 SS Citation uses a short track compared to the 4500 of the same year, be careful when you order one Dino.
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Where do you live  

I have a hood, and a coupple of engine parts for a citation 377 1980.
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My advice to you would be to go to and go to each year you think the sled might be. They usually have pictures of just about every ski-doo sled and it is categorized by year. hope this helps.
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