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Here It Comes

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Its about time we got one of these

Nice to see everyone in Ontario gets some :)

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I know I'm sounding like a big grump by saying this......but I've already accepted the fact that we're not getting snow this winter, and I've made peace with my sled and it understands that it might have to scrub some rocks and break a few parts in order to get me fishing this winter. I don't want the snow anymore. Winter's over, and the snow is too little too late. Bring on the spring weather!
All a foot of snow's gonna do is make the trails nice for 24 hrs......then EVERYONE will be out tearing around on them and they're gonna be crappy again, with nothing there to groom. The lakes are going to get slushy with the weight of the snow on forget about playing on the lakes, and there still won't be enough snow along the power lines to make them safe from rocks for powder riding.
The areas of Ontario that already have some snow will be ok. Northern Ontario is gonna suck. On top of that, it's too late for the businesses to make money off the snow (lodges, motels, hotels, etc.) So let's just send the snow down to California where they would appreciate it.
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An intensifying disturbance over Missouri is tracking slowly northeastwards. This developing storm is tapping a surge of warm moist air from the gulf of Mexico..Setting the stage for an extended rainfall event for eastern Ontario tonight and Friday.

Rain is expected to begin in the Nickel Belt regions this evening and continue through much of Friday. The rain will be heavy at times and total rainfall accumulations near 40 millimeters are likely by Friday evening.

Additionally strong and gusty easterly winds will develop this evening.[/b]
Hmmm......looks like we're safe.....
Wow so much negativity in one paragraph :tongue: .

We got to go for our first real ride on Tuesday and had to turn back because there was no gas anywhere. We only put on 60 kliks but it was a lot of fun. Every lake we ran around here was in great shape. Chandos was fully staked with no slush or pressure cracks. This much needed snow will make for some good riding in the next few days. March is my FAV month to sled anyways.

Issued: 5.00 AM EST Thursday 1 March 2007

Sunny. Becoming cloudy this afternoon. High minus 3. UV index 3 or moderate.

Cloudy. Snow mixed with ice pellets beginning this evening. Snow and ice pellet amount 5 to 10 cm. Local blowing snow overnight. Wind becoming east 40 km/h gusting to 60 near midnight. Low minus 6.

Snow at times heavy and local blowing snow ending late in the day then cloudy. Amount 15 cm. Wind east 40 km/h gusting to 60 becoming light in the afternoon. High zero.

Periods of snow. Low minus 3. High plus 1.
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We have had riding snow for about 2 weeks now.But today and tomorrow we are suppose to have heavy rains.So last year I had 1 weekend of riding and this year I had 2 weeks.It is getting depressing to say the least.
as long as there is fuel to buy ya might get some riding in.if ya stick with the program and call in sick on friday and monday might be able to get 800 miles in 4 days,then at least its not a bust good luck over your way i hope ya get a crap load of snow.its looking like we are in for alot of rain in this area,so time will tell.if the trails around here make it through the rain,we have 4 days of snow from friday on so we might still be good.
I'll take snow any snow, even for a few hours just to ride. Keep it there in Michigan, I'm a coming just as fast as I can.
My son and I leave for Gaylord, MI on Monday and decided to bail town to ride the snow machine rather than stay and ride the hog (I mean the Harley not the wife).

im expecting 18 to 20 where i am in minnesota
Well have a good time 72h2kaw whatever you may be riding :p
It's snowing really good here in Waterdown Ontario right now about 2 inches on the ground. I hope that the freezing rain does not hit us - it's just dreadful. The season is short so this snow will help the trails last just a little longer.

Enjoy the weather, where ever you are.

i can tell ya that here in mitchell we got 6 1/4 inches of snow.i went out and blew out the driveway and it has changed to ice pellets,and there is another inch of that on the ground, and its really coming down.the temperature is sticking right at -3 celcius,so hopefully the rain stays away.
snowing like crazy in mississauga by the lake. :rolleyes:

looks like my old motor home is going to get plowed in parked on street. it wont start opened the hood and the engine compartment is full of snow. TYPICAL OLD DODGE WIRES GET WET AND NO START :whistling:

guess i,ll just have to go for a BLAST around the house on the sled :devil:


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wow i feel bad for you guys. :( it's been snowing here since january and i'm starting to get sick of pulling out the snowblower. :whatever: we're getting another big storm right now as i type this. :thumbsup: you want irony,our club cancelled our snowmobile meeting tonight because of the snowstorm. we're getting pounded right now...........yikes :cussing:
Sadly, I am out of days off and vaca time... I just put stabil in the gas tanks this afternoon... 42 degrees F here and heavy rain forecast tonight and tomorrow with a high of 48...Even if it's ten degrees colder up north in NY the slush is gonna suck... I gotta say, me and the wife are really hooked.. Rode almost 800mi. this winter... Already thinking about next winters vacation trip.
look on the bright side tic you will be out on the sea doos before us :thumbsup:
Dang, We just bought these sleds.. How can we afford sea-doos?.... I need to rob a bank
ice fisherman where the hell did you get that forecast???

looks like a forecast from Dec

I have followed all from Enviro Can,TWN AccuWeather,John dee and they all said snow
remember tic don't rule out canada next year. trust me you won't regret it. check out wawa area on the net.
It's 10:00pm in the Soo and no snow yet, getting worried that we arn't going to get any...It says we are supposed to get a foot of snow by friday mourning oh well we will wait and see.....Now 7:45am Friday mourning we just got a good deal of snow and it's still coming trails should be really good ..............
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