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Hey, what would happen if...

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if I were to make an exhaust system for my sled...  I'm thinking my 440 would sound sweet with a flowmaster dual chamber, but I was told that 2 stokes are pretty picky about backpressure and having too much or not enough an actually ruin an engine.  Any thoughts?  :)

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That is a pretty bold statement saying that you would lose that much power!  I have a buddy that tried that and everything was fine.  The sled ran the same way it did before he put it on his Ski Doo.  If you take a look at some of the "Stingers" out there, you will realize that you can do something like that!  Good luck, let me know how you do with it!!
Maybe you could play with the silencer design, but the pipe itself would take some engineering to make it work right.
Check out the pics of the new RX-1.  Try something like that with some sport bike mufflers.  Maybe some Yosh or Two Brothers carbon fiber pipes.  
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