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FR: Skip Schulz, MASTERS President
RE: This weekends HilKross and Drags @ Indianhead Mtn Cancelled
DT: 4/6/2005

Up until this Tuesday, when the Western UP was hit with over two days of non-stop Rain, the snow conditions looked like we could pull off this weekends HilKross and Drags. However the non-stop rain, and with heavy rain still coming down as we speak, the MASTERS Circuit and Indianhead Mtn have agreed to cancel the scheduled snowmobile races this weekend.

The hill is already showing bare spots and the little snow that is remaining will be gone by tommorrow when the rain is finally forecasted to stop.

On behalf of Sandy and I, I want to thank all of you that had registered for this weekends races. I don't think any of you know how difficult of a season this has been for the MASTERS Circuit. We hope and pray that all of you will continue to have confidence in the MASTERS and will 'stick with us' next winter when we have the Copper Peak Championship Hillclimb, a HilKross/Drag Race at Indianhead, the Sno Go Bye Festival Drag Races, and the possibility of resurrecting other HilKross/Drag Races.

On the good side, the MASTERS is working with 2 different sites on the possibility of holding Snowmobile Grass Drags this summer, or definately the following summer. The MASTERS is going to be building the Grass Drag sites this spring, and if the grass comes in strong enough, we may be able to hold a Grass Drag or two this summer. If the grass does not come in strong enough this summer, the tracks will be in fantastic shape for the summer of 06.

Thanks again for your understanding and your help in getting the word out in regards to the cancellation of this weekends HilKross and Drags that were to run at Indianhead Mtn, near Wakefield, Michigan.

Skip Schulz
MASTERS President
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