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Hindsight Is 20/20

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Recently purchased the Explorist most southern Ontarians did when Crappy Tire put it on sale for 50% off.

So I have been slowly acquiring the accesories that go with it on ebay....Aftermarket accesories.. I ain't giving Magellan a dime to mail me something from the states $60 just for shipping....and don't even get me started on the liars at customer service in India.......but enough about that ...why don't I tell you how I really feel!!..

I recently ripped around on my favourite OFSC trials....collected a bunch of track files.....and dumped them onto Topo Canada...thats a whole different headache....but at least I can see them...and thats all I here are the questions

1) How do I change the basemap to be something other than a 5 sided polygon of what appears to be Canada with a few blue squares that represent the great lakes....and five major cities....oh and highway 401. I want a rich data intense basemap. Or is this what the detailed map function is for?

2) So I select a region and "upload" it to my explorist ( In actual fact I load it to my hard drive...spend 10 minutes finding out where it is and what file extension it is...then click and drag it to my "F" drive or what I affectionitly refer to as my GPS)annnnnnnnnnnnyway. I choose the uploaded region as my detailed map...and wow look at that DETAIL....right lets load a track I can see where I am going or where I have been? right on...but I want to load all my non connected track files.....oops one at a time... so How do I load all my track files.....Do I have to convert them to routes???? see next question

3) I don't want my track files to become routes.....routes are useless in my "new" opinion.....they turn a detailed twisty turny 4 hour ride into five turns...Barrie straight to Orillia straight to Midland straight to angus and back to barrie.... WOW that useless... How do I lay down my tracks as a nice visual queue as to where the trail turns with some very detailed there a MAP editor somewhere that I can load up my map of ontario...layer all my tracks onto...then convert them into some type of trail or walking path...that would show up on the detailed map along side rivers roads collector roads rail lines highway etc etc etc...

Thx for getting this far

Tom "the new guy"
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