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Houghton Lake DNR Problems
rev8 on 2/23/2002 4:18:00 PM
Boycott Houghton Lake!
AeRotax on 2/23/2002 3:31:00 PM

This is concerning the issue brought up by BB USA in the previous post...

We have $pent the last five winters at Houghton Lake and have left a large amount of cash in that town. We went there to have a good time on the lake. The DNR officer said that the chamber of commerce complaining was a large reason for the shut down. They were complaining about us, ''''tourists'''', spending every Tip Up Town in one of their hotels; eating breakfast, lunch and dinner there every weekend; filling up with gas; buying parts at the dealers; and so on?
Well if they don''''t want us on the lake, then they don''''t want the money we bring in.
I won''''t even buy a burger at McDonald''''s from that town! In fact, I left Houghton Lake today hungary so I wouldn''''t have to spend another dime in that place.
We have raced there for so long and now the DNR said next year will be different.
Let''''s make him right...Next year, we need to stay away from Houghton Lake all year - including Tip Up Town!
Also, one of the big complainers was NORTH BAY RESORT! They threw a fit every weekend (except TUT weekend when they were booked up with snowmobilers - they didn''''t have a problem with that).
We raced at North Shore, out of the way, not hurting anyone!
Remember Lewiston. We had fun there years ago, that place is a ghost town now!

Let''''s stick together!

Please keep boycott issues on this topic and others on BB USA''''s post so we can keep things straight.


BB USA on 2/23/2002 4:00:00 PM

Trail Riders be warned! The DNR are saying that they will write a ticket (4pts and $300min)to anyone on snowmobile who do the following:

Lift Skis off ice
Exceed .78 dec level (noise), My stocker failed
Excessive speed (wouldn''t specify)
Ride side by side, which was misinterpreted as racing by the DNR today at H. Lake

The list could go on for ever and the DNR could easily find (make up) something to get you for. If they write tickets at TUT next year the way they did today, Bring your checkbook or lawyer with you. They even arrested one trail rider today.


XtremeXC on 2/23/2002 10:35:00 PM
I here you, just got back from there today for the day (Saturday). Went to the North end to watch the big boys run (that was half the reason I wanted to go). We got there and there was about 10 trailers out there but people were loading up. At that time my buddy and another guy lined up and raced...DNR came over and gave em a big lecture blah blah blah. Took everyone's license numbers and said the same thing about the points on the license and $300 fine... go to jail if you were out of state (my buddy was). They let everyone off with a warning though.

Now, here's the thing. Other than the .78db sound level there is nothing else that is illegal that was mentioned by BB USA. But now all of a sudden they are harassing and threatening people with these ''rules''. There is a reason they are giving warnings, because they can't legally give ticket's (if they do they can be faught) for ''lifting ski's off ice''.

Anyway, that blew my 3hr trip up there. So we ended up going to the south end and drag racing down there. But there was about 50 ice boats out there racing today also.... if we can't race why can they???

Buddy P  

xc800sp on 2/24/2002 8:18:00 AM
Sounds like they want everyone in single file, in a nonaggresive 90* riding postion, doing 30mph, on a 50hp. frontier 4cycle...................Sounds like a extreme knee jerk reaction to the morgan wantabes like the A!# wipe ripping around town at 1:00am with full pipe and silencer job in Rangely,ME. when we were there......They are the cause of what your getting Houghton Lake. If we weren't in our underwear on the third floor we would of bitch slapped that idiot. There's on need for that crap! Just my 2
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