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Who was at the North Shore Saturday?

There is a post on another snowmobile site that I no longer use because morons just run there 'mouth' and down right LIE about what happen.  This site is much better, so I am going to ask you guys what you saw.

The white ZRT was by far the fastest of the big boys.  The all black cat long track was within 2 lengths on 1 race but went backwards later in the day.
As far as everyone else...
There was a green ZR D&D 1010 twin later in the day that I will say is the best twin I have ever raced.  It still doesn't have the power to run with the 1000 triple improvers but it was impressive for a twin, especially how he ran it so many times in a row (though I did catch him with his hood up a couple of times - maybe broke a belt).
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