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How Rich?

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The wifes bone stock xc 500 is going through 1 US gal about every 250 miles. I know from the factory it is rich but that seems like ALOT of oil. Also it would seem to me if it really was this rich it would foul the plugs all time. THing is it has same plugs that came in it, i never changed them. I was thinking :hallo1: are these sleds known for leaking? I haven't found any puddles but maybe I am not looking hard enough. Any ideas?...G
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Should be around half that... unless the temperature is warm. If the temperature is warm, you should go through more gas and oil. How much gas are you going through? The main thing is the fuel:eek:il ratio is where it should be. Depending on the setup, it can burn seemingly more oil than normal, or less oil than normal. You just have to find out what "normal" is for that particular machine.
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