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How To Disable Tors On 95 Vmax600

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TORS light is on and wont let the sled rev at all. Throttle cable isn't sticking, not sure what the problem is. I think it may be in the kill switch area, not sure. What is the point of this system, and how can I disable it.. Someone told me there was a way, but I wanna be sure I'm right before unplugging stuff etc.. If anyone could help as soon as possible that would be great.. Thanks for any help in advance. :undercover:
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How are the plastic bushings that go in/on your throttle? I have seen a few problems with having those bushings fail and it wont allow the motor to fire due to something making contact. I not 100% sure how that whole system works, but those were the problems with the sleds that ive seen it on. Its cheap enough to look to see if its the problem, rather than disconnecting your TORS and having something else be the problem and possibly creating another bigger problem.
There are two wires going to your carbs, right by your idle screw, dissconect the wires at the carbs and plug them into each other.....
I`d try to figure out why its kicking on..
may just need to adjust your throttle cable free play..
which, if me, I`d also adjust my oil injector cable free play while at it..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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