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I just took my 2001 Yamaha Mountain Max 700 out yesterday for the first time and boy am I surprised with this sled !
The dealer were I bought it from could'nt dial in or setup a sled if they're lives depend on it "they suck" But! I found a dealer who could and man the clutching, jetting is as near perfect as you could ask for - the sled went every where my son's MC 800 went without missing a beat, the only thing I would change is the oil, not because its a bad oil, I just can't take the smoke anymore (health reasons)
The new 2003 Yamaha's are nice and the way things look the 4 stroke looks to be the thing of the future and Yamaha has the jump on the other OEM's (they under powered, weak performing engine and the fun would be taken out of snowmobiling with a top speed of 45 mph) Great job Yamaha - keep the speed fun cause thats what its all about.
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