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My 1995 Vmax600 needs one more thing before its ready for winter...

A left side (clutch side) strut tower. I think the internals are ok, but the tower itself is bent ever so slightly at the flange and the shock wont cycle properly. Id actually like the whole unit to simplify life, but id buy just a tower.

the tower goes for 108 brand new (black). If anyone has one layin around, or know of a junkyard nearby that has one, please let me konw. I hate to think of paying 108 for just the canister/tower when i could buy a good shape used for less.

Then all ive gotta do is put that on, put exhaust gasket on, get insurance (hehe), and drive it! Should fix the seat tear too...

I really hope somone is able to help. I almost had one on ebay, but got outbid at last second :( I found a guy that says he has one, but i dont feel like driving 120 miles (round trip) for one with the price of gas, and im not sure he has the right part.

Thanks a lot!!!
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