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I have a question.

First off what compnents affect your idle?

Second to adjust idle on the carb screws do I turn them in or out to lower the idle??

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Turning the screws in raises the idle.  Turning them out lowers the idle.

If you want to get that perfect idle you have to sync the carbs.

What you do is choose the carb that you can get to the idle screw the easiest and turn it all the way in counting the number of turns it took to go all the way in.  When they wont turn anymore turn it back to where it was.    Then take the second carb and turn it all the way in and back it out the same number of turns it took for the other carb.

Then start it and read the idle.  If you are going to want to raise the idle do it the same to both.
Great thanks a lot guys. I thought it was turn in to lower the idle but good thing I talked to you guys first.
Do it with the engine running and after every adjustment blip the throttle and let it fall back.  Set it for 1600-1700.  Remember if its warm outside set a bit higher and it will drop ever so slightly when you put the airbox back on. is definately raising idle. As far as the carb sinc. I have always removed the carbs when doing this as it enables me to see what is going on. sometimes you can get away w just removing the airbox also. Once you are looking in the carbs you want to have all three[or 2 if twin] carb slides to arrive at top of carb at same time when maxing the throttle. When done,tighten the locknuts on adjusters[located on top of carb] and then reinstall.
You should also find the mixture setting and do this at same time[turn them in all the way then back off # of reccomended turns...usually 1 7/8-2 turns on skiddoo]
Then your off to the trails
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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