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Idler Wheel Stuck On Ext

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I am changing my springs and PO had wheels off in 02 when they slid off. Now with nothing holding them they are on there. I haven't got the puller but fabed one from a flat plate of 1/8 steel with a close fit on the shaft and a wheel puller. Nuthin, ruined the one wheel already. How do you get those ####s off with the bearing to wheel lock buried under the spring and no way to get at anything but hit it with the gas axe. I will cut the one off with a demo saw but for the other whats the secret. They already got the PB Blaster overnight treatment. This is right up there with something off my 49 Caterpillar but I can't put the dragons breath in there to force it. WTF. :confused: Just like with the dozer I keep waiting for the track fairy to show up and nuthin...
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are you trying to get the retaining ring off so you can release the wheel from the bearing? If so get a retaining ring remover from a local auto parts store like autozone. Use the 90* tip and you should be able to remove the ring and slide off the wheel. The bearing may be a different issue. I usually just end up cutting the bearing off and clean the shaft with emery paper then install a new bearing (there cheap)
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