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Idler Wheel

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I was wondering if anyone can tell me if removing the front 2 idler wheels would cause damage to my sled. I have a 05 skidoo summit 144, I put a new offset rear axle which puts the rear idler wheels on the inside of the skid so I can run 8" wheels. Is there a kit to relocate the front idlers to the inside of the skid? any in put would be appreciated.
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Depends on the amount of snow you can get into the suspension for lubrication. If you remove the wheels, add some ice scratchers so you won't prematurely wear out your hyfax. Some guys that ride in powder all day remove ALL the idler wheels to remove weight and drag on the sled. As long as there is fresh powder, they don't seem to have a problem. If you spend any time on the hardpack trails, you may overheat the hyfax. The scratchers can help with that.
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