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I was wondering if anyone with a '01 MXZ 600 w/o DPM (or other Ski-doo twin w/o DPM) had the same problem that happened once last season and twice this year.

The sled would seem to run one one cylinder at lower trail speeds, but once you opened it up it was fine. I pulled the plugs out, cleaned the carbon(?) crud off the insulator between the cap & the hex, thinking the spark was jumpin here. No change. I then switched the cylinders that the plugs were in. Again no difference. Finally, while the sled was running, I pulled one plug wire off at a time. One of the plugs was dead. Put 2 new ones in & the sled was fine for the rest of the day & season.

This year it happened twice in 5 days. The second time the temp was around freezing, the sled had warmed up so that the gauge needle was 1/8" off 0. When I pulled the plugs out (fresh from 5 days before) they were wet, not dry. Put 2 new plugs in it and it was fine.

I gap my plugs to .018" as Ski-doo says. Going back to the earlier spark plug topic, are the NGK plugs suffering from quality problems?  Any feedback would be appreciated.
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