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In The Market For A New Sled

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im wondering what mid or late 90's model you guys would recommend to someone who is rough on their sleds when it comes to having fun and i dont mean crashing i mean jumping etc. i would prefer that it also had atleast a 800 in it
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I would think that a 440 snow pro, zr 500.. more along those lines as apposed to jumping with a larger sled unless you get quite a bit of snow...
Yup, stay with a ZR or snopro if you're inclined to go the "cat" way. Better shocks, etc.
i weigh about 230lbs and want a sled that i can get performance parts easily for it also needs to have enough power as well. i like the ZR's but how good are they really?
I work on many different brand of sleds, have driven many Cats and Polarii, and unfortunately, I hate to admit this in a Cat forum, but, a Polaris US built twin 600 or 700 in an edge chassis is damn near bullet proof. I work on my cousin's sled which is an '01 edge X 600 w/valves, and he does things to that machine that should have destroyed it years ago, yet now, at 7000 miles, the motor's never been opened, pistons aren't scuffed, & so on. I was driving a 99 XC 700 in a Gen II chassis over the weekend with 11000 miles on it, motor has had one piston last fall, that's it. I'd like to say that about the Cat's, but unfortunately I can't.

Go with what you feel good about, don't let the color of your jacket predicate what machine "feels" good when you drive it. Try different machines if you can, you'll know it when you find it.
well i always liked the look of the ZR and i think a 600 would be good enough for power but suspension wise is it better then a polaris?
I'll go on the record as saying NO.

The AWS V double wishbone suspension looks cool, but only had 8 inches of travel in the front on ZR's until I think 2000, when they bumped it to 10. Rear suspension is OK, but lacked front / rear skidframe coupling that Polaris had. You could get aftermarket kits, but it made the ride real stiff.

If you want a real thrill, try out a new Polaris IQ chassis. I got a chance to put on about a 100 miles on a 900 fusion, and an'07 FST (four stroke turbo) Sometimes the only idication that you were airborne was the fact that the ski tips would flip-up...unbelievable. The driver-forward design, and narrow seat made it more like riding a bike than a sled. And oodles of power. Acutally, the FST 755cc four-stroker was the fastest thing on the lake that day @ 103 on the speedo.
thing is i dont have that much cash for a fusion i was looking for something in between i have a 81 polaris txl indy with a 340 lc i need something better suspension wise and power wise
I will say that if you are looking for a cat of that year, given your size (I am 200 and 6'3) I would go with a 99 ZR 600 or 700. I loved my ZR6, it took a lot of abuse and has no problem keeping up with any sled on the trail. The ZR skid with the gas shocks lands great and is actually pretty good at both big and small bumps. Also my manual says the 99 ZR has 9.5 inches of front suspension, not 8
The 600 is a peppier motor and is a lighter sled than the 700. The 700 is older motor technology, and a little low on HP for a 700, but it is very reliable and a torque monster.
Their downside is mileage, maybe 10-12 mpg for either on a good day.

As far as reliability between sled manufacturers, If you want the most miles with the least work, go with a Yamaha - otherwise, in my opinion, it doesn't matter what manufacturer you buy, there are great sleds and poor sleds, every manufacturer has both.
I just rolled 11,000 miles on my ZR with MASSIVE amounts of abuse and the only real maintenance I have had to do to it was a bad stator, pistons at 4,500 miles (just because), maintain the clutch (weights and rollers twice), had the shocks rebuilt once, and then just idlers, hyfax, and carbides.
It has never left me stranded on the trail, and has returned from every trip it has left on.
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The ZR skid with the gas shocks lands great and is actually pretty good at both big and small bumps. Also my manual says the 99 ZR has 9.5 inches of front suspension, not 8[/b]


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ya i think im gonna go with the ZR 600
I stand corrected,
fwiw there is an m-10 in the for sale section for like $400 that would make a nice upgrade for a rough trail/jumping sled. M
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