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This part of the final fantasy 12 drill involves the second act of the game, including garamsythe waterway, the battle of the rabanastre palace and the firemane boss.

At the same time, if you are looking for more guidance and skills, please go to our guide and practice center of the final fantasy 12 zodiac, where you will find all the other parts of the exercise.

Garamsyteh waterway and palace of rabanastre

Garmasi waterway

When you enter the waterway, please use the preserved crystal, and then go up the stairs, you will find that there are only two mice and a dead end in the other direction. Follow the passage, drive north and deal with some rats and bristles, then drive north and East.

There will be several otters drifting in the next area, but they will not pose a threat unless provoked. Go to the left, cross the bridge, then go to the next set of steps, then drive west and North, find the exit at the top of the other set of steps, the game will ask if you want to continue; you can't escape from here temporarily, so please make sure you are ready before continuing.

Palace of rabanastra

Open the, take a map of the area, then use the saved crystal, then drive north to trigger the transition animation. If you want a spear of the Chinese zodiac in the future, please don't rob the box in the southeast of the room, just try to lift the steps. After the guard drives away, you talk to nearby seeq, and then press square to attract the guard's attention. As the guard approached, he distracted and entered the next area through the top door.

Lower auditorium

This section is a kind of intersection between slider game and pac man game. You need to attract guards to specific positions to clear the way to the target. Standing next to them and shouting will make them run to you, but they are either lazy or stupid, because they will only chase you to the next intersection. If they catch you, the room will reset, so if you find yourself stuck, nothing will be lost.

There are several solutions, but this approach should work:

Drive south, attract two guards and move back to your starting point.

Draw the attention of the three guards and run east (ignoring the stamp on the ground).

Drive north and West, and use crescent stones on the lion stamp on the ground.

Go to the west end of the passage and attract a single guard to walk towards you.

Heading east, North and West, you should be able to reach the wooden lattice on the wall now. Check it, a secret channel will open.
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