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Its the middle of feb.

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If it was alittle colder it would have been 12 inches of snow.But no,it had to be all rain.Plus up north they are going to get good snow and I can't go this weekend because the wife has other things planned.I just can't win.
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My wife had other plans for this weekend too, but it cost me a trip to New Orleans this May to get out of it.  Man oh Man!
Pouring rain in Ontario!  Gotta drive 4 - 5 hours north before it starts snowing!
Eagle River Wi. got about 10 inches so far and more coming.Of all the weekends.........this sucks for me,others are smiling.
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Its been 50 degrees f everyday this week so far and wasn't much colder last week.  I've given up for this winter with a total of 400 miles.  I'm looking for a jetski.
We got about 4 inches from that storm that hit Eagle River. It's better than nothing.  We had NOTHING on the ground before this snow!
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I feel sorry for you lower 48 boys, not great riding up here in AK but better then most places down under.
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