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So I have a 1998 Summit 670x and it was bogging at the high end. I live and ride at 10,000' + so I thought the DPM wasn't compensating enough and was running too rich, hence the bog.

I re-jetted from a 340 (mag) & 350 (PTO) to a 330 (mag) & 340 (PTO). The needle was at the 2nd position (from the top) before and I lowered it to the first position (from the top).

I took the sled out and the bog continued. Well I pulled the plug boots off one at a time to make sure both cylinders were firing. I got shocked on one of the boots which led me to find that both wires weren't screwed in tight to the boots. Well, that was the problem with the missing. It now runs awesome. I looked at the color of the plugs over and over at many different rpm's. the lightest they ever got was a gray color.

So questions for all of you who are smarter or who have melted their engine messing with jets...

1. When I check the color of the plug do I hold the throttle in the same position after I hit the kill switch, or do I let off the gas after i hit the kill switch <-- while the engine idles down.

2. Do I have to use new plugs or will old plugs that were once black turn white if it runs too lean?

3. Can I keep the new jetting, as it's a pain in the neck to change jetting. I don't want to melt anytying though.

thanks for any help.

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