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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (alscool @ June 14, 2002, 7:27pm)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">why does the word new always come up in red?[/b][/quote]
The word new comes up red only if you are viewing messages using the "New Posts" link above.

The forum software hides the word "new" in the message while it is new for you, then when you click the "New Posts" link, the software searches for that hidden tag.

Since the software always highlights your search term when searching, it gets confused if the word new appears in the actual new post. It still only picks up the actual NEW posts, but it will highlight the word new if it appears in the new posts.

Viewing posts WITHOUT using the "NEW POSTS" link will not highlight the word "new"

I know it sounds confusing, but this is actually a programming error. But not a big enough deal to go back in and sift through to find it.

Besides, new software coming soon...
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