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Just got the new snowgoer

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Going to kill me

I dont even have the 02 MXZ X 800 broke in yet, and I was showing her the 03 MXZ REV. Why dont they understand

If you have not seen it yet it looks cool. It also has some interesting features, like the access to the engine from the side.

Shes going to kill me
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What does it say about the new ski doo??  I haven't seen the pictures yet.  Does it look similar to the new open mod sled that they are racing???
I would put my own tunnel extension on..but what a sweet sled!!!....  thanks paul aris for the pic
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Yes, just like the open-mod race sleds. It looks like the Blade.
I saw one in person (Blade) and it looked good. The hood is small and only gives access to the exhaust pipe. There is another opening on the side of the sled that gives (Quote from SnowGoer) easy access to the mechanicals. You have to get the magazine and check it out. The pictures are small and dont show lots. But its better than me trying to explain
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What is the reason for the hinged close off panel on the rear suspension?
The rear extension articulates with the rear axel because it has near 15 inches of travel and also helps for snow deflection...AWESOME SLED!
I hate to burst everybody's bubble but that is the worst looking sled I have ever seen.  Heck, the 2002 Orange and Yellow Olympics look much better than that, and yes the dealers still have the Olympics on their showroom floors! Yuck!  Hey, just my honest opinion.  These things are going to get beaten badly in the friendly backyard drag races.
Why do you think its going to be bad at drags? this chassis is stomping the compition on the race tracks this winter? light weight,good egros,easy to work on with the side panels, jumps awesome, and the best handeling sled made! what more could you ask for?
forget about the looks.
did anyone notice the heigth from the boards to the top of the seat ? looks like a tall sled. this might be a sled good for sno cross only.  
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i have to agree with kid rocker that is the ugliest sled i have seen in a while.from what i have read it is supposed to out perform any sled in the suspension dept and the motors are going to be a 600ho or an 800ho sounds impressive but the looks have to go it looks like a rejected artic cat.
My first though was what the heck is that. I though it was a yamaha exciter that was rear ended by a seadoo, but Im trying to like it. I hope it looks better in person and it probably will. The first thing my 13 year old son said was; whats that, thats awesome.
I'm trying to like it, too, maybe a little too wild for me today, but I'm sure it'll grow on me.  I'm glad I bought my 700 when I did though .........
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