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Just "pre" ordered rev

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I was just up at my dealer and "pre" ordered an REV 800X RER, or whatever it may be called. No color, no specs, no price, no nothing other than I'll be the first on the list. If I don't like it, I should be able to sell it pretty easy in the late fall when they come in. Saturday, I'll stop by the local AC/Yamaha dealer and see what's cookin' there.  
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Personally I would wait until all manufacturers sleds are reviewed in March before making a purchase. Also if this winter stays lousy and with another el nino on the horizon I might just take two weeks mountain riding out west next year and hold on to what I have.
Apparently that REV rides hard as a rock.
My two cents.
Never!! buy a sled based on a magzine review! even though this sled will get great reviews  the mags tend to be lame imo but just look at the race results? this sled works and is holding up great and the guys i know that are riding them now say they are the best sled they have ever raced or rode.
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I just asked my buddy who rode the Rev if he thought it had a hard suspension. He said that it certainly wasn't any harsher than a ZX "X" setup. All the articles I've read about the X say it's "too much" as far as stiffness goes and that you have to push it beyond what most average riders are capabile of to get it to work right. Well, I'm 47 and I have no problem with my "X". I ride with guys that are anywhere from 10 to 15 years younger than I am and stay right with them over the bumps and through the twisties. I've also rode Adrenalines and actually like the stiffness of the X better. Of course, to be fair, I'm certainly more used to the X. Let's not forget that early demo prototype sleds that are derived from the race units have historically not been quite dialed-in for production. As an example of this, when the X's were first being demoed two years ago, they were fitted with a center shock that was right out of the snowcross sled and hard as a rock. The production units, while stiffer than the non-X , ended up being not as harsh by a long shot. While the REV may not be for everyone just like an MXZ is not a Grand Touring, I suspect that Ski Doo may use it only for the MXZ sleds and continue to use the ZX for the others. I'd like to see a Mach Z triple in a ZX if it would fit. That would be something!
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You are right. Body weight has alot to do with it also. I have bottomed out a few times all ready on my '02 Adrenaline and I book in at 220 with a fairly agressive style. To contradict myself most of the preseason sleds sent for evaluation are ringers anyways. Working in automative I see alot of preproduction parts that look nice and clean but when it grduates to production it becomes borderline junk.
Anyone know what size trackwill be on the REV? Hopefully at least 1-1/4".
I ride a 99 600MXZ and found the ride and handling harsh,to say the least I was not very impressed. I weigh in at 215 and found the suspension never worked through the full travel,my buddies Yammy was like a caddy in comparison.I consider myself a mid-aggressive trail rider. Until I replaced the rear springs with Ski-doo's lighter spring I was about ready to get rid of it.I cannot get over the difference in handling and ride after the change,that first year Ski-doo didn't have the calibration right so it cost me the price of a pair of springs to fix it.I tried every setup possible with the original set nothing worked,now it handles like a dream,skis stay on the ground and the rear cycles through the full travel not just the first inch of it!!I guess Ski-doo makes us the guinni pigs.
The demos had 1" tracks on them. I don't know what the production units will have.

Another friend had that '99 600 and did the spring replacement with it as well. He said it was brutal.
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