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Lengthening/studding A Track

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How easy would it be to lengthen the sliders. Theres not many tracks available for 114". How hard would it be to lenthen the sliders or whatever to 121"? OR, how hard is it to stud a 114" track, and how many studs do i need to use, and about how much would it cost?

Im gonna need a new track on my citation ss soon and it sucks at take off and it seems like im always getting stuck.
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I thought the Citation 4500 had the 114 and the SS was even shorter

should be easy to find but the selection is slim

yup just checked the 80-82 Citation SS is a 54 bar track 1.97 pitch $366

The Citation 4500 is a 58 bar track 1.97pitch which is a 114
yeah the selection is very slim
you could put another suspension under it. I would think that would be a lot better than trying to lengthen the rails. As for studding a 114",,,, it would be easier than studding a 121",,,, LESS STUDS,,, LOL
how would i do that?
It will not be a simple swap the bolt trick. It would take some fabrication to make it work.
well, my dads been welding for over 30 years. Maybe i could ask him.
There is also another problem. On the old leaf spring sleds they didn't have much caster angle. A 121" track suspension would lift the sled enough that you would have no caster angle. With out caster angle the sled would be uncontrollable. You'ld be better off studding a track that will fit your sled.
I love the old vintage sleds and I won't get rid of my old '73 Eltigre but, The newer sleds with real suspension are so much better. If you can only have one sled I would suggest that you get something a little newer.
The down side is that the newer sleds weigh more than twice as much as yours. You won't get stuck as often but, when you do get stuck...
another thought on the cost,,,, with what you would have in it to get the suspension swapped out, you could actually get rid of her and get a newer one. I am not saying a brand new one as I spent years on older sleds as that is all I could afford, so I do understand where your coming from. But the cost on another sled that is already set up would probably be cheaper and more trustworthy that trying to weld an extension on yours,,, good luck with whichever way you go,,,
121"-114"=7"divide by 2=3.5" if you find the 121 track of the same pitch , have you considered moving your suspension back 3.5" ?
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