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Lifting Front End For Clearance?

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Just wondering if anyone has ever installed longer shocks/springs in the front end to get a few more inches under the belly pan. I have been thinking about doing this as the newer sleds have far more clearance than my 97 and I think it would make a pretty big difference
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just a longer spring wouldnt do anything. you can set your preload to get it as tall as possible. if you really want it higher, you will have to get longer shocks or longer shafts in the shocks you have now if they are rebuildible
An increase in ride height would negatively affect the handling. The target roll center of your sled is designed at 6 inches below the trail surface. Most sleds of late are lowering the center of gravity and mass inertia by placing heavy components lower in the chassis. If you are boon docking or deep powder operating having more leverage on the bars is a good thing but to a trail runner (corner to corner) flat and low makes the grade.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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