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Liquid heated carbs

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Last weekend we were riding on ice and my Mach and friends formula 700 were realy having a tough time.  We looked at his sled and i noticed he had the heated carbs.  There was a valve going from the head to the carbs and it was turned off.  So we turned it on and it help keep the temps down a bit.  

Is that valve suppost to be on all the time.  

Does it affect fuel eco and engine temps.  Thanks.
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My understanding is it should be on at 20 degrees F or lower, and off at higher. The main purpose is to prevent carb freezeups, and to increase responsiveness at lower temps. My brother has an 02' MXZ800 and they seem to work nicely as any one who has ridden one can attest how "crisp" their response is at all temps.
We've been turning ours on when it is -10 C or colder. Have had no problems with freeze ups.  
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My dealer told me to shut the valve off at 35 degrees.Otherwise leave them on.
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