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Looking For A New Torsion Axle

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Where's the best place to get a replacement torsion axle for an aluminum 2 place trailer.
The brackets that are welded to the axle that mount to the frame rails are rusting and getting thin. It says not to weld on the axle because it would be bad for the rubber inside the axle.
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I have a rough riders trailer that i bought used. I just replaced the torsion axle on it this past summer. I bought it from a rance aluminum trailers dealer. I think it was around 240 with shipping.
I replaced my last year on my Sled Bed trailer and got it from Central Trailer Sales in East Bethel Mn. if I remember right it was around $189.00 dollars for axle and hubs all greased up and ready to go.
dexter axle , northern indiana. manufacturers the best axle on the market. ,
Talked to Dexter this past fall about a custom axle for a trailer I was working on. They were helpfull, but they will not take an order for an axle. No how/no way. You must go through a dealer/distributer. Axle worked out awesome....
Do they have any dealers near chicago ?
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