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Looking For A Tach...

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I would like to install a tach on my Z570 LX but seem to be having a hard time locating one. I checked the home website for Arctic Cat and there is nothing listed.
Any ideas and if so, are they hard to install? It looks like all you have to do is slip them in and connect it up.
Also, I would like to install a connector for a heated helmet shield. How much work is there to doing that.
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I would just get a tach off of ebay for any sled that came with one, cut the hole in the hood, and wire it in to the lighting circuit. I believe you need the yellow wire with a black stripe for the hot, and brown with a black wire for ground.

As far as the accesory goes, I dont know exactly on your sled, but somewhere near the key switch on the back side of the cowling you will see a rubber plug that has a cap on it, pull the cap off and plug the heated shield plug in there.
Thanks, I'll take a look.

Go to your arctic cat dealer. I got the OEM kit from them for $160 which included all brackets wire harness and instructions. Took less than 10 minutes to install and that was taking my time. It's a very easy project
Here's the part # 2639-628
The price is actually $142.00 CDN
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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