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I'm looking for any GREAT deals on snowmobiles in MI, or from people willing to haul the sleds to Sault MI. (Or near northern MI.) I travel to Sault Ste Marie Ontario once a week, and am always looking for really GREAT deals on used sleds. If you're looking to "dump" your older sled and are in need of some quick CASH PM me, reply here, or e-mail me at [email protected].
What I'm looking for are older (but not ancient pieces of junk) cheap sleds, that require minimum ammount of repair, that I can put some time into cleaning up to ride for a bit, then maybe re-sell. If the price is right, I'm also interested in good sleds with engine problems for REAL CHEAP.
No "leaf spring" style front suspension models please.
Anyway, let me know if you're looking to dump that older sled that hasn't seen the trails in a while!
P.S. I will require that the seller's DL # matches that on the ownership, or that I write down the seller's DL # as ALL sleds purchased will have the title's searched by U.S. Customs and everything has to be straight up.

Also, any sleds in Ontario that are cheap as well.
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