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Looking Good In Michigan

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Looking very good in Michigan for riding right now. My son and I are heading to Michigan in a few hours to enjoy some of that beautiful white stuff. We had a great time yesterday riding here in Daytona Beach with all the bikers in town and so far, only one biker dead after losing control. We usually have 15 to 20 bikers killed during the event.
Here we come Michigan and of course, gas prices have gone through the roof this week up to $2.61 a gallon as of today. What a CROCK!!

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I will be going to macelona where me and my dad ride all the time, and it looks like they have a suffecient amount of snow up there.

Hope you plan on going to the U.P.
Anywhere west of Seney is awsome, everywhere else including the lower will suck but rideable if you dont mind buying parts.
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