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Looks - Old Sleds Vs New

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Anyone else think that the sleds from the mid 70's to mid 80's are wayyyy better looking than these new things?
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I like that they are small and less heavy
If I was a teenager I'd probably like everything about the new sleds. I have not been a teenager in a looooooooong time. I prefer the older sleds not only for the looks, but the snowmobiling experience is much more enjoyable. Not to mention they are cheaper to buy, and easier to maintain.
The new sleds look and run like they were designed by meth addicts. My '78 JD Spitfire 340 F/A machine weighs just 275 pounds. In Colorados deep powder, that's all the reason I needed to buy it.. It's by no means the perfect sled, but I can turn it around and get it unstuck without any drama..I see the new 700-800 pound machines rewarding their owners with hours of hard labor as they try to recover them from 5 foot deep holes they dug for themselves..

Snowmobiles need to be light weight, reliable, maneuverable and easy to maintain. Few of todays machines meet those needs..The manufacturers seem to be pandering to the few crazies who MUST own the Fastest Sled. My old machine will top out at around 50 mph, a little more going downhill..That's PLENTY fast enough on a sled for me..
I suspect that it has everything to do with what sleds looked like when you first got involved in the sport. I know personally I have a soft spot for 2000-2002 Arctic Cats because they're what I was initially drawn to when I got into the sport.

Overall however, I find the newer sleds much more appealing than the old ones. To me they look much more agressive. I also prefer the vastly improved ergonomics and suspensions of the new sleds.

That being said, I'm kind of itching to pick up an old sled to tinker with and bang around the yard in. :)
Not to mention that you can actually fix something yourself without buying lot$ of specialized tools! I like my old stuff because I can pull an engine and have it on the bench in about 10 minutes. Sure, sometimes you have to look pretty hard for parts, but that's a good reason to get out to the vintage swap meets!

I like the looks of the late 80,s tr 90,s and the ride is hard to beat, it would be hard for me to put 200 miles on a weekend on a old 70,s sled . As far as working on them i spend alot less time repairing sleds now and a lot more time riding and gas milage is better in most cases. I do like the old sleds as something to have for a hobby rode them and wrenched on them many times.
Anyone else think that the sleds from the mid 70's to mid 80's are wayyyy better looking than these new things?[/b]
The old ones for sure the new ones just don't look like a snowmobile
new sleds are alright, but i love the old ones. Im only 19, and a love my 77 jag and the 74 cheetah. i also used to own a motoski gps, and a 77 skidoo tnt 440.

the are very cheap, none of the sleds listed costed me more than 300 dollars, and the are very simle and easy to work on. I put new pistons and rings on my tnt in less than an hour. I did the same to my dad 1999 Formula, and it took nearly a whole night. Old sleds are also lighter and alot more fun to ride with the 3 foot ski stance
In some ways yes. I love the old Blizzards. But you can't convince me the 80's El Tigres(and I doo like them) are nearly as nice as the 03-06 Firecats. Having said that, I'd love to have a few vintage sleds around. So :bash:
cannot say I like the old or new better. I love them all. I can say this I would not trade the ride of my new ones for the ride of my kawasaki for anything.
Old school all the way.The CK3 doo was the last year of a good looking ski doo.I will take my raider and my old yammis anyday over a new one.Not to mention that will will not lose a dime of resale on a vintage sled.You lose about a grand a year on a brand new sled.
Here's a couple of our vintage which I think are are awesome. First is our 79 TX 340 Open Mod drag racer. My 12 yr old son races both of our drag sleds.
Second is my wife's 72 Charger and 72 Sno cruiser ski boose.
And last but not least my son's 86 indy trail 488 drag sled


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i have to admit, i like my xcr 440 more in the looks and the ride department, but i love my little 1974 skidoo TNT 440 its a great little sled. its not as fast as my xcr, but it only weighs 280lbs and its the best little powder sled. i wouldnt trade it for anything because it was my granpa's. but i have to say i do prefer my xcr
Always loved :inlove: the RV's as You can see. I only have a 245 RV left .I have more fun riding a Blade now.
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