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I have a 98 xc600 that I recently installed a new M10 with rydefx shocks.  I have every setting on the lowest or softest but is still too stiff.  Is something wrong with the shocks or did I install the suspension incorrectly.  Any information greatly appreciated.
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Jared, The suspension takes about 200 miles to break in. At least mine did. Ease off on your pre-load if you haven't and set your F.R.A. to it's lowest setting to try to get the recomended sag. Also, make sure everything is greased with low temp grease. How heavy are you? If you're really light you might need the lighter front spring. Judgeing from what you said though, I think you just need time on the unit to break it in. Like I said, 200 miles and things should start to soften up. Don't be afraid to experiment with the settings because it can be the best ride of your life.

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