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Mach z

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I heard so many good things about synthetics and Klotz oil that I switched to it over the summer.  I've been out a couple of times and each time I've fouled plugs.  It's a different cylinder ea. time so I pretty much ruled out dirty carbs.  It didn't foul plugs last year on reg. Skidoo oil so it's got to be the Klotz.

This happen to anyone else?  Seems all I read is everyone is happy that uses Klotz
 I've already gone through 6 plugs and I've only been out twice
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One of the nice things about synthetic oils is its nature to produce cleaner exhaust and will over a peroid of time start to clean the piston tops, cylinder heads, exhaust ports - so don't be to much of a hurry to put a finger on Klotz.
A Sea-Doo service tech once told me that the Sea-Doo's will carbon up running the Rotax oils, that they use Johnson outboard engine tuner, spray it in the carbs and on top of the piston tops and let sit overnite, pull the plugs out,turn over the engine several times, reinstalled the plugs, start the engine up a let idle for up to 30 minutes (don't do this time all at once, break it up) keep the rpm's under 5500 for the first 30 minutes and all the carbon deposits are gone - it works I tried it - just take it easy for the first 30 minutes, so you don't scuff the pistons. be aware that there will be a cloud of smoke both at a idle and on the trail until all the engine tuner is burnt out !!!
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Are you sure you dont have a coolent leak.  If you dont then i would have to say that your machine isnt running or setup right.  Maybe your oil pump is set to rich.  Or your carbs are way to rich.  

If you dont have a coolent leak just get the splitfire triple platinum plugs.  They never foul.  They cant foul so you will be happy.  

And rotax oil as good as it is.  Is nothing compaired to syntetic.  It is not a waste of money.  Especially on a mach with the big crank stick to Amsoil, Castol, Or klots.
I have tried the split fire spark plugs and that is truely a waste of money, they are no better than the OEM plugs (NGK) in no way shape or form.
If you were leaking coolant ! you be able to see droplets on the plugs and the piston top would get washed.
Look at your piston tops - look to see if the top has color all the way around the piston top (you may have a couple areas by the transfer ports that are clean though) look at your plugs are they carbon up, wet, dirty - whats the story ?
if you feel you have a coolant leaking problem, doubtful take it in and have a leak down test - that will tell you more about your engine than just about any or method.
But once again synthetics do clean the engine while running.
But if you feel unsure go to your dealer and have them look it over it cost less than a new engine !!!
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Finebear.  Splitfires make a night and day diffrence on rotax engines.  Im not talking performance im talking starting and long lasting.  Like i said they dont foul.  I am also talking about triple platinum not regular copper splitfires.
I don't believe I have a coolant leak, I don't smell it and the overflow hasn't dropped.
Here's what I observed,  I normaly ride between 0 and 1,500' and AVG. temp is 30 deg.  My Main jets are 310's across the board.  Which is what is recommended for my area.  We finally got snow so I took it out to do some testing, it ran fine only did about 20 miles because there wasn't enough snow.  Went further north the following weekend and it ran good most of the day until the end it was getting that fouled sound then it was running on 2 cyl.  The far right cylinder had fouled so I pulled the plug it was soaking wet because it wasn't firing and I ran it a bit more to see if I could clear it up.  IT was also completely black with soot.  So I replaced it, the others were sooted but not fouled. All plugs were new before the testing weekend.  I ran for another hour before the left cylinder fouled. It was black and wet as well.  We were done for the day so I went home.
I picked up 3 new plugs and replaced them all.  Also jetted down to 300 mains because I was riding at a higher altitude than I usually do (2,000&#39
.  Went back up the next weekend and again it rode good most of the day.  Towards the end of the day I pegged it and the center cyl. fouled out. Plug was completely black.  The left plug was completely white which concerned me but it was still firing and the right plug was black on one side and white on the other.  All were dryer and thats were I'm at.

Any suggestions or conclusions??  
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I used split fires in my Arctic Cats before and they were a piece of junk, though they were not the platiums, maybe that would make a difference.
Man you got me! It would hurt to try some Amsoil power foam - spray it into the carbs and then into the spark plug holes and let sit over nite, pull the plugs again and turn turn the engine, block up the rear end of the sled and rotate the track at several different rpm's, look at the plugs and the piston wash - after all you never stated what the piston wash was like ! There are so many things to start looking at - check you jet needles (e-clip position, are they held out with the retaining arm, are they bent, scratched) pilot jets are they plunged (just take a little piece of dirt) Float out of adjustment, air leak (air manifold or air box) do you have a DPM ? is it unpluged from the air box, blocked or split in one of the hoses to the DPM rail.
plugs take awhile to read and thats why you also need to look at your piston wash ! Klotz burns so clean that it will scare you looking at the plugs. look at your center carb seeing its black - float, jet needle, loose main jet, dirt in the pilot jet.
I think you rule out a oil pump adjustment, coolant would leave little very little droplets on the plugs, did you do a 1/4 throttle chop, mid range chop, wot chop ?
I hope this helped you some, with out seeing it I can only tell you what I wrote out on this forum to look at, good luck let me know what you find out.
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Not sure for your sled but mith my 800 I was able to turn down the oil pump setting after switching to synthetic.
Guaranteed You are buring to much oil!! How much oil do u burn per tank of gas! That is why your plugs are so black looking. If u are buring more than a liter and a half per tank than it way to much. I would turn the oil pump down a bit, or have someone do it if u don't know. A safe oil mixture is 40 parts of gas to one part of oil. So If u can fill up your oil bottle all the way to the top and put 40 liters of gas in your tank when empty and drive it tell it reads the same amount on the gas gauge. See how much oil it will take to fill the oil up again, than u know for sure!
I don't have DPM and I don't think its dirty carbs because it has been a different cyl. each time.  

Could the Klotz be lift the built up caborn off the pistons causing a rich oil situation?  Who sells Amisoil Power foam?

Do you normally have to recalibrate your pump when you switch to synthetic?
When you say recalibrate are you refering to the gear on the pump or just retarding the alingment lines slightly?
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yes the extra oil is carboning up the plug and isn't buring. Open the hood and hit the throttle a couple of times. u should see the pump and u have to back of the cable so the mark is goes below the other mark.
You can get Amsoil power foam from a Amsoil dealer, it is really good stuff, just be carefull after use so you don't scuff piston, as it washes away carbon, take easy until all the power foam is burnt up!!!
For what its worth I used Klotz in the past and I never had to adjust the oil pump or jetting, it was one of those oils you pour in and forget about it.
I would be carefull about adjusting the oil pump, if you screw up its coming out of your pocket - ski-doo or Klotz will not back you on it.BY THE WAY,Ski-Doo injector oil flows at -40F and so does the Klotz - so they some pump the same amount of fluid into the oil pump.
I have to say that I use Klotz and you just pour it in and go. I'm running 45 pilots and 310 mains.  All of the cylinders on the Machs should look the same. It sounds as if something is wrong with your engine/carbs. To have one black wet plug and the another one to be white(YIKES!!&#33
and half white/brown say there is a MAJOR problem. Don't melt that one piston down. You need to see why your carbs are all over the place in fuel/air ratio. You should be very safe with the 300 mains though, especially at any altitude. I run at 0-50ft and down to 0F with no problems. I hope you get your carb problem fixed. Good Luck.  Also, maybe Bill Cudney knows what would make each cylinder different from the other.
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Thanks for all the advice!!!
,  I ended up pulling the carbs and cleaning them again, being sure to blow them out good.  

The floats were out of spec but they were all out the same?
Reset the oil pump after hooking the throttle cable back up but this time I offset  the lines ever so slightly.

Ran all weekend on one set of plugs  
 It still seemed a little fouled today but seemed to clean up after running it a bit.

Pulled the plugs when I got home and the center porcolean was brown and the bottom of the threads were black with carbon.  All plugs were the same.  Does this still sound rich to you?  I know you want to see tan, but these plugs were definately brownish.
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Yes no where on the plug should it be black, Turn your oil pump down a bit more
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