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Paul I couldnt do it.  It was simply to dangerous.

The airport runway where I took the first pic and was going to take the new one was a sheet of ice.  So were the trails and lakes.  I could barly do 100km safely and to make it worse the runway had mogles and they were iced over also.  Everyone i was riding with was spinning out.  You can ask my brother who was also up there (SnowMoKing)  how bad it was.  Three of the people i went riding with have damage because they spun out on a hill and colided with the person in front.    

I was going to go to the Coehill drags where i new a few people could verify it for me but on my way over there my machine started to overheat because of no snow.  It was not fun and out of the whole weekend i must have done less then 20km.  

Anyone that was up in the bancroft area can verify the ice and bad trails for me and everyone can be certain that the moment the conditions improve and i have a chance to go riding i will get the picture.  But it probably wont be this year because im going on vacation for a week skiing in the states so by the time I get back im sure the season will be over.  

But ive seen funnier things happen in this contry so you never no.  

But i promise that the moment its safe i will get the picture even if it is next season.  
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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