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What is the future for MICHIGAN LAKE RIDERS?
BB USA on 2/23/2002 3:08:00 PM
Slim to none is the answer if we don''t take a stand NOW!
For those who don''t know, the DNR showed up at Houghton Lake''s North Shore early today to shut down the fun and harrass everyone on a snowmobile. They were even stopping trail riders who were riding in the area. Basically they have made the statement that this activity will not be allowed anywhere in Michigan, which means that we''re all out thousands of dollars. The same goes for the local buisness. Our only two choices are to find a new spot that is "legal" or rally enough support to continue the way it was. I am looking at all the industries that I will no longer be putting money into for support. Performance Shops, Gas, Tourism, etc...
Let''s all stick togther and get something done!  

TNT Racing on 2/23/2002 3:46:00 PM
What am I supposed to do now? We have over $75,000 invested (truck, trailer, sleds, parts, etc.) under the assumption we would be able to contiue what we have been doing for years to come. I am sure this is petty cash compared to what a lot of guys have invested. The DNR has always known about North Shore. They were down there alot this year, but they only complained about the parking on the road. Which by the way could be avoided if they would unlock the state park and allow us to park in there. Meanwhile, I was continueing to spend money in Houghton Lake. AFTER I spend my money they decide to shut us down.  

AeRotax on 2/23/2002 4:40:00 PM
I used to trail ride but that was getting too crazy and dangerous. North Shore is way safer! The DNR go to lakes because everyone is in 1 spot, it is easy picking for them. They don't want to go out in the trails where they have to sit and wait for some sleds to come by. They don't even maintain the trails! They make us buy a trail permit but has anyone seen an improvement? Some say that money goes to fixing roads at trail crossings. That is funny because I put gas in my snowmobile and I thought gas had a steep tax that is supposed to be used to fix roads.
They make us have trail permits for the lake too. When was the last time you seen the DNR post signs at an ice jam or near areas of bad ice?
The DNR got out of hand today pulling over sleds that were not doing anything wrong. Don't we have a 4th Ammendment that prevents unlawful searches? They don't need to pull me over to see my trail permit or registration stickers - they made them BIG enough! Why don't they step in my trailer or truck while they are at it.
The DNR claimed they had people ''that we can't see'' with radar guns, video cameras, and decible readers. The DNR officer that gave the speech was asked at least 4 times about legal speeds on lakes but wouldn't give an answer. So why does he need the radar gun?  

BB USA on 2/23/2002 4:51:00 PM
I'm fired up about this. I believe that the DNR's actions this weekend should be classified as 'entrapment'. They have witnessed the events of North Shore for years and said nothing. When racers ask if a trail permit is needed for testing on H. Lake, the DNR said yes. Not don't do it. Today 2-23-02, they were hiding (since 7 am according to a DNR officer) with video, Decibal meters, and radar guns. Was this an ambush???  

rocker on 2/23/2002 6:19:00 PM
Write, call, e-mail Houghton Lake Chamber of
Comm., local business, local paper, local radio
and tell them to let the DNR know what the
economic impact will be to the area if the
word gets out that Houghton Lake is not snow-
mobile friendly. If you dont think it will work,
wrong. The DNR was harrasing snowmobilers
in some of the North central counties of the UP
and people were'nt going there anymore.
After the Ch. Of Comm. called the right people
the DNR all but disappered. MONEY TALKS!!!!
I'll quit rambling, But I will do my part.
One more thing, The loud , fast sleds were
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