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Michigan Trip

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Last week my family and I went up to our friend's place in northern-lower Michigan while I was on spring break. When we were leaving on thursday the forecast wasn't looking good, with the temperature supposed to be in the 40s-50s starting the day we to arrive up there. I was having serious doubt that I was hauling the sled up there for nothing. On friday, it was in the 50's when I went to buy my trail pass, the girl at the counter laughed when I asked for a snowmobile permit, asking if I had looked outside lately. :lol: the snow was melting fast, but the trails were still good, and luckily my new friend Bob was kind enough to go riding with me and show me around. That was the first time I've ridden on groomed trails, I love it! Most of the riding we did was on backcountry trails, ditches, and powerlines though, by saturday the trails were deteriorating FAST, but once off the trail you were fine.

I didn't get too many pics because I was busy riding, but here's one of a powerline,


There were a couple spots with marginal snow. Now I know what burning hyfax smells like :lmao:


Went up to Black mountain, stopped in at the Bluffs for lunch.


Only got a couple good days of riding in before the trails were shot, then you could only ride the ditches. But I still had a good time the rest of the week hunting coyotes with my dad's friend, and also went to a vintage sled show and trail ride. here's a nice RV


Also scored a free sled that someone wanted out of their yard, how could I say no? and who says you can't fit 2 snowmobiles in the back of a short bed truck? w00t



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everyone likes free snowmobiles!
Glad you enjoyed Michigan. I suggest next time you spend a few more hours on the road, and head to the UP. Its even better. I was up there that same weekend. Friday I rode 270 miles and most of it was excellent trails. The warm weather kept some people away. Saturday we did about 230. Rode all over the place. Some spots still had 3 feet of snow. Over all my weekend was great up there. Sunday started to get mushy. But out side of town in the woods was still pretty good. I recommend if you ever do it again, to try it up there. During the week is the best. The weekend gets a ton of traffic. So the trails get ruff. But during the week and March riding is some of the best trail riding to be had any where in my opion.
where all did you ride last weekend,,,, we were up there last weekend also in the Irons area,,, Friday was the best trail riding I had all season,,, Saturday things were going down hill fast, and the 5 hours of rain Friday night didnt help any, but we never saw any trails that looked like the dirt picture you have. We hit a couple of low snow areas and quite a few rivers crossing the trails, but overall, we had a great time.
nice pictures wish you had more snow for your trip .....still good you got out to ride though.... :D

man, I would have loved to go up north to the U.P., but our buddy's place is near Rogers City So that is where we went. They usually have a lot of snow, this year was just bad.

We rode around Rogers City and over to black mountain, most of the time I had no clue where I was because we were going from one local trail to the next. That stretch of dirt wasn't too long but we had to cross it to get to another trail. 90% of the time the trails were great with a few spots of slush and snirt. By saturday afternoon I was skipping over a lot of slush. I still loved every minute of it though :thumbsup:
Glad you got to ride here ! The lower trails can be fantastic with ample snow.. Lot's of people come up from Ohio, Ill, Indiana ect.....and therefore when they get to the grayling, Gaylord area they are ready to get out of their trucks and ride ya know? Therefore, the lower does get much more traffic.

I also would suggest the UP if you can get there next year. The trails up there are Super with a little less traffic usually. Weekends are busy anywhere however.

I've always wanted to check out the Black Mtn. area March is always a iffy month, Glad you got to get up there and doo a little riding, so it wasn't
really a total waste of time! Big storms can happen in March but
you gotta make your move right a way! Like Snow4 said venture a
little farther north to the U.P. you will NOT be dissappointed! Conditions
are usually prime in FeB with lots of Pow Pow! :thumbsup: -Dave
Glad to see it wasnt a total waste taking the old Indy up there. Surprise, surprise: another sled gets hauled back!! :lol:
yup, it was worth taking it up. You know you've got an old sled addiction problem when the old sleds start finding you. :crazy:
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