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Mods for zr800efi

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Can anyone help me on how to get the most out of this sled.
Any Help would be great!!

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Call can put on their single pipe and head which will produce the same HP as the carb model.  This will give you 150-151 HP.  You cannot put reeds in with this setup because you will encounter a lean bog on the low end.  I've briefly checked because my next zr will probably be an EFI.  I know someone who has done this and tested it on the dyno to find the claims were accurate.
The best performance gain for the dollar is clutching, which unfortunately takes much time and heartache!!
Anybody else got any suggestions for mods to a Zr 800 EFI?
clutching is your best bang for the buck,,,,, you can call D&D, speedwerx, black magic, the outdoor shop, goodwin,,,,,,, there are lots of performance companies that want you to spend your $$$$ with them and will try to help you out.

I go with D&D and have always had good luck,,,,,
I agree, clutching is your best bet, some have reported having luck with S Werx pipes but I would be cautious being as it's an efi. I've also heard that running a double base gasket under your cylinders is a cheap upgrade although I can't confirm it.

make your own clutch kit with ac parts

ive played with my 800 efi up down l/r

got it figured out pretty good now

its now a 925 with an adjustable fuel computer i had built and my own clutch steup!!

everyone says you cant do anything to the efis ------------i disagree

it takes patience and a bit more knowledge(maybe)
but its well worth it, when i see all my friends getting mad because
1. they cant beat me
2. every morning i wlk out and bam 2 pulls she comes to life
3. because i sit there and laugh when they are still trying to get there rig started



good luck
oh yeah dont put any of those pipes on there keep the stock
setup and concentrate on clutching and traction!!!!!!!!
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