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Motor rpm

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I was wondering what you guys like to clutch your RPM to under hard acceleration and good traction. If your tach is calibrated and your max HP is @ 8000 where do you like to see your rpm at out of the hole and when should it peak.
The SD race manual talks about clutching as much as several hundred below the peak as the heat is not in the pipe yet and the HP peak is lower until the pipe is soaked. I realize this is a drag racing suggestion but I thought you serious tuners could give me some ideas.

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H.O.RIDER: I set mine to over rev at start, pull down 200-300 during hard acceleration and gain the 200-300 back at the top end as the pipe heat comes to optimum.. Dino
Hey Dino:

Wouldn't that overrev be due to the track slipping? Ive been working on clutching one of mine and it seems to work best when hitting about 7550 -7600 out of the hole and then climbs up to 8000 by about 55-60 mph.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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