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Mxz 700 setups

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Does anyone have a decent set-up for this machine? Currently, I am running a 53-50 helix which is working really well. I don't generally drag alot of people, but when someone asks, it is always nice to be able to show them up. Any suggestions to spring changes or anything else would be great.
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ZEDD, I installed the following setup in my buddies' 2000 Summit 700, and it definitely made it quick for 700 feet. He has easily beaten an Mxz 800 (stock) and an slp piped and clutched '98 Xc 700 and stock 2001 Xc 700. His lack of top end pull would be attributed to the 144" by 2" track. The setup is a Prim. pink-pink (230-350) part# 415074800 as there are two pink-pink springs, 286 ramps, 19.5g or 20.5g pins, set at #1 or #2 clicker. Sec. beige spring set at 18-20lbs with a 50-47 cam or you could try a 54-48 cam set at about 20lbs. I geared up the Summit to 24-44, but your stock gearing in the Mxz 700 would be good. Something to try that worked on my buds 700.
Hope this helps!
Thanks Limskii, I will give it a whirl. Any other opinions, besides those of people like Zipper, are welcome.
This setup was given to me by Big John on the snow west forum and works VERY well. I spent big money after this on a Cudney kit and T-shift arms, and it went slower,so I'm back to it now.

Heres what you can do for a stock engine- 200/320 spring(stock),287 ramps, stock
pins(solid),50/47 cam @ B6 w/new beige and the #127 Doo belt, the stock belts
sorta suck(067,990) and leave the gearing at 25/44, adj. clickers for
7900/8100 rpm.
the 127 belt is not any good for topend but it does help in a drag race.topend run the 067 drag racing use the 127.that clutch set-up sounds similar to goodwins set-up which is good trail set-up.I have 2 of these sleds in my trailer I run ,1 is stock,the other is running crank shops pipes/clutching and it runs hard.
Yes I should have added that about the belt. On the same day, the 067 is about 3-5 mph faster on back to back runs.
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