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My New Sled

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The only flaw is it doesnt turn. Im still working on a design for that. Other than that it has front suspension, rear suspension, and engine really moves with the track.

3 cylinders, 3 exhausts, triple carbs. Extra long track (14 inches). Risers.

For riding trails:

For carving trails




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Most of the parts came from the lego enzo ferrari. ($100)
Looks AWSOME. :thumbsup: If only it was real though!
Sweet looking sled.... :D

well its different,,,, couldnt imagine sitting at the kitchen table trying to build it myself,,, I would have had it up against a wall before I was finished,,, no patience
How many horses?
It took about a day to build. let's say, 120 hp.
You've got lots of patience, nice job!
Now you need a little motor to put in it and someone to'll be all set.

Good job, looks pretty cool!
w00t nice w00t
:) That is cool. Y'know my idea of building a sled? Buy one of those RCs already put together, lol. If I can't run her before the first bolt goes on, I lose patience :D I guess that's why I pay guys to do it for me :crazy: Thankfully, there are guys like you out there willing to do that :wink:
sweet building job, I love to do those types of projects. Have you ever tried a XMOD
from radioshack? Those things are so crazy, and it drives my dogs nuts :blahblah:

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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