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Need Help Please!

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i have a 79 kawasaki invader 440 i just bought it it seems to run good but when i get up to about 20 mph and when it hits bumps it throws the sled all over this is my first sled and am not to knowledgable about them could some one help me out and point me in the rite dirrection to what it might be thanks a ton!

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its an old sled what do you expect?
well i rode another kawi and it rode totaly diffrent same modle and everything :dazed:
beaver 670 had that same sled with the same results. those sleds were fast, built for speed, not for trail riding or comfort.
Are your runners (wear bars) in good shape? They help keep the front end tracking..Also, check the ski alignment. Any toe-out will make a sled squirrelly..Next, how is the shock on the rear (slide) suspension? At least make sure it's there and the springs are not broken..
most of those old sleds only have a couple inches of travel in the rear. always good for a rough ride.
Also check limter stap and track play
Have you got achance to try any of the things we told you about?
not yet hope to do it this over the week thanks for the help guys :D
Don,t worry in the right hands that kawi can keep up with a lot of the big boys on the trails many times in the day I,ve pinned them 0 to 70 they the cats daddy .Right now I still see them runnig hard 30 years later.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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