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Need Slide Rails

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I am looking for slide Rails (lt & rt) for a 1996 indy xlt touring. Any help please.

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Those rails are pretty tough! What did you hit?
I am not sure. My son hit me lightly and we were riding some mighty rough trails. Maybe both did it in. I just bought it used in Jan. this year.
Your best bet is to have them straightened at a machine shop. If you know someone with a hydraulic press, that works too. It doesn't have to be real fancy. I've straightened out many rails on mine.

Also, check to see if the rear pivot links are not bent. I was just working on an '01 Edge X, which had, what appeared to be bent rails. A closer look showed that the rear lower pivot link was bent, throwing the whold skid off-square. Other that that, you can find a good deal on complete skidframes at Haydays in Minneapolis in the fall. New rails are $200 ea....ouch!

Unless the machine was totally destroyed, the rails are usually straighten-able.
Wish I could straighten them work with a person that has his own machine shop. They are broke right were the front torque arm assembly mounts up.
Hmm, that sucks.

There are a frew Xtra-12's on ebay, type in Polaris suspension in the search box, and you'll find a bunch. Shipping is usually expensive on a complete skidframe, but sometimes you can get the seller to dismantle it, or just ship the pieces you need.

Hope this helps.
Got the unit on e-bay thanks.
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