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Need Softer Suspension?

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my back has taken a real beating this season riding in less than perfect conditions and lots of moguls. i am looking for a cheap sled with a soft forgiving ride? any ideas? ride a 93 trail alot, a 96 ultra with a hot to go 800 bb kit and an extra 12 a little for the ice mostly. the ultra wont beat me up so much, but i mowed the coolers out of it last weekend. and its a little too radical for the trails. i have ridden the 900 fusion and the fst classic a little this year and like the ride of both. the fst classic is a caddilac on the trails! im not gonna spend that kinda money though.
what kinda suspension would be best? edge? prox? extra12? extra10? what would you look into sled wise for say 1500 to 2500 dollars? thx for the input!
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for what you want id say upgrade sleds to an edge. and nice edge classis or xc 500 or 600 would be great for you. more travel and it is more soft travel then your old xc 100 suspension. a prox you would hate, really hard. you can get a nice 01, 02 edge for 2000 to 2500 easy.
ya i was thinkin an edge would be about the best. thx! the fst is a really nice ride but im too cheap for that! i would have thought a prox would be soft to land the jumps? i guess if it was too soft it would bottom out! makes sense, lookin for a used edge cheap 600 or bigger. any particular years better than other or is an edge an edge?
the prox doesnt bottom it stiffer. they are made for jumping and are much more tippy in corners do to they sit up a little higher. then there is my sled. prox race chassis, i dont think i have got my front suspension to travel more then about 3.5 inches. im going to do a little revalving this summer. i think you would really like and edge. it is infanatly adjustable suspension wish and it is just a great built sled. you will not be disapointed
I upgraded my old indy to a xtra-12. It helped a lot but you still have the old front suspension you have to deal with . For all around riding and performance you can't beat an edge.
Look for an edge with an M-10 suspension in it.Polaris put them in as an option.I think the FST has one in it.800 Classic edge came with it standard.M-10 is a fantastic trail suspension and you can continually update it from FAST(they invented it).I see 600s with M-10s in the paper for $2500-$3000.
01-05 Indy Classic 500/600/700

with M10
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