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Need Some Ideas On A Sled For Next Year....

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Hi i was just wondering what everyone thinks about some 1998-2003 polaris and arctic cats 500-600cc models would be good for trail/backroad and field riding. I want something that has a little more pep than my 98 xcf but will still handle as good as my xcf... i have been looking at some ZR 500's and they seem pretty nice to me... and also the xcsp 500's... so just let me know what you think and tell me how some of these sleds handle. Thanks. I also would like to keep the price under $3000 since i'm on a limited budget.
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a f5 would also give you what you want.
Yeah i thought about those too i'm just trying to get some ideas for next year :)
a f6 would be my choice. good performance and throttle lever is way easier to push
id say any ZL or ZR 500 or 600 and any edge XC 500 or 600 would be great. just look for these and when you find a good deal, buy it
I got a Cat and its been great to me

But 00-03 get the XC 500 or 600 IMO

BUT if you are looking at bigger then I would suggest ZR 800

the cat 500s have way too many problems

Polaris made very good 500s and 600s then compared to Cat from a peformance and reliability stand point

Idealy I would say get a ZR chassis with Skidoo 597 small block but alas that is too much work

BTW do not pass up a 00-03 MXZ 600
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thanks i'll see what kind of deals i can find this summer or fall and probably pick up a xc 600 or something.
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