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I found my problem on my XCR 600 with running flat between 5000 and 5600 rpm - but now I can't find the right needle.

I need a needle that keeps the same taper as the one I am using - but the straight part of the shank before the taper need to be one size leaner.

Does any one know what this needle would be.

I am using a 6cey6 in the #4 hole.

Moving the needle clip is not an option because the 5800 to 7500 runs too lean. Besides, the straight part of the shank is not affected because it is in the needle jet, and still runs flat.

I want to find a new needle because changing the needle jet from a P6 to a P5 is not an option, I am running on the edge of lean at the #4 hole (5800-7500) - I barely have enough adjustment as it is.

Heres the rundown.

3000-5000 - nice, crisp, good throttle responce
5100-5600 - flat, dull, cold EGT, poor throttle responce
5600-7500 - clean, good EGT, crips responce, edge of lean
7500-WOT - perfect

Current setup
#40 pilots - properly set-up
2.0 cutaway
6cey6 needle in #4 hole
P6 neelde jet
360-360-360 mains

Please let me know what needle I need.


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Hi again,

I guess no ones knows off hand what needle I need.

Perhaps someone could just direct me to a chart that indicates different dimentions for a 6 series 166 style mikuni needle.

I need a diameter vs lenght chart

I have been looking all over the net and have not found any.

PS - I am terrible at finding anything on the net.

Thanks in advance

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I've been having a similar problem with an 800. I'm trying to find information also. I have a local Mikuni distributor for parts but he tells me they have no way of cross referencing to Polaris numbers. I found a distributor in California on the net called Sudco. I ordered a tuning manual from them. They will not make any recommendations for tuning selections.

Look them up at

I just looked in their manual I just and cannot find your needle 6cey6 listed.  This manual does have charts in it with dimensions and they shipped it to me on a credit card for $9.95 U.S. plus $4.95 shipping and handling. It lists various needles with their dimensions and it sounds like you are involved enough that it would be  worth your investment. You can view some of their data on the web site. I ordered from them by e-mail for the manual but you can also order parts.

Let me know how you make out.
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